Not a blogger

I really am not very good at the blogging thing. I am just way to busy to keep posting things.

Life has been getting better day by day. I actually held a baby the other day and didn’t cry or feel like crying so that was good. She was so cute, full head of hair. Super Cute!

I’ve had some rough spots but day by day. Lindsay brought Cohen to Grandma and Grandpas and that made me feel horrible, seeing Glenna and Claudia go all goo goo ga ga over him. Nothing against them, its just me. I wish I could turn the feelings off but it never seems to work that way. I’ve also had people make comments about pregnancy that didn’t know, like “when are you going to have a baby” I feel like screaming at them. I went to get pre-natal pills that cost $40 a month and the pharmasist was like “How far along are you?” It just kills me inside.

Work has been keeping me busy. So that is good. Working at AMPM this week, and I like it there. But than I have to come home and work.

I still am doing the diabetic thing. Which really is not so fun. I don’t think its going to be going away anytime soon. I need to lose like a lot of weight and than it might go away.

Well back to work!