Chronicles of the last 3 months.

I get the question a lot… Kate how do you do it. Well I usually have multiple teams of people working with me and I do have breakdowns.

The last 3 months have been well… insanity in a nutshell. It was decided in early summer that IMD was going to be moving to a new space. June passed, July passed, August hit. August a month that is usually slow but for some reason IMD decided to go gang busters and on top of that we had the office move & Great Lakes Bay Moms Block Party approaching. Daily life seemed normal, lots of meetings, projects, Country concerts OF COURSE had to go see Luke Brian VIP in Cleveland.

September hit, and the shit hit the fan, I landed myself in the hospital with a GIANT kidney stone (7mm) on Jacks birthday. I had 60 people coming to my house and of course I was at the ER. So I consulted my doctor, a client of mine who I was texting while in the ER, and he said go home, you have my number…  The party went well, all was fine and by the end everyone knew I actually had come right from the ER to the party only an hour early.

The week following was GLBM Party prep, big time, lots of work, all my time was surrounded around that event… of course the rained in the morning but the 3rd annual event was a success and we had lots of families happily attend, about 4000 people.

I decided to continue to put off the giant kidney stone that was just waiting to reappear but after another week it had to be removed… which gave me back pain for approx 4 weeks post. Awesome. In the meantime, the month was packed with tigers games, regular work, a trip to Holland, a stent removal. And BOOM. October.

October, the month I was out of the state for 20 days. I must be punishing myself for some reason to travel this much. Starting with a trip to Petoskey, than a 5 day jaunt to North Carolina for week only to fly home to see Eric Church in GR, home 24 hours and off to Southwest Michigan for a Girls Night. A week back full of mad work… Than off to Disney, we drove because WE WANTED THE FULL EXPERIENCE. hahaha. never again. 10 days gone on the road with 3 small kiddos, overall it was actually a great trip. Until we got stuck on the highway for 4 hours on the way back… not cool dump truck that hit the overpass at 4am. So we were back before Halloween and to start final prep for the IMD open house.

November started with a quick trip to TC, literally less than 24 hours there and back to drop an order at 2lads and pick up the final case of wine. Followed by prep and prep and cleaning, and final projects. The open houses were a success… from what I recall it was kinda a whirlwind. I’ll leave it at that. Of course I had to lose my voice too… no idea why probably because its been non stop for the past 3 months.

I literally can’t even recall the next weekend… nope, not a thing. I just know I ended up in bed at 7:30 exhausted and slept, and slept and slept more. Now its Nov 10th, my head is clear… finally. Guess I only needed one day of rest to decide its back to work!

Thank God I leave for Miami in 9 days.

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Let's get real... I am 35 now and I have 3 kids, run a damn good business, love being busy and love being me. I build myself up and other around me because thats what people should do. I rely on my heart and I do what God tells me do. I should listen to him more, and so should you. I'm a designer, not a writer. I blog about my interests, my family, happenings around me... I tell it like it is. Sorry if I am offensive but I think you should be real.