A day of rest.

There are moments in time that you need to curl up in a ball and just cry, as their are moments that you need to lay in bed all day and think about yourself. These aren’t times that make you selfish, these are times that make you human.

Alone with your thoughts you hear more clearly. You imagine your life in a different way. You gain clarity and comfort.

Life as we know it.

Life. Isn’t made to me easy. If it was everyone would be millionaires and full of happiness. There wouldn’t be murder or child abuse. There wouldn’t be starving children or natural disasters.

Life. Is made up of ups and downs. Struggles and choices. The choices you make define you, how you handle yourself, how you treat people. Obstacles are put in your way to teach you, to morph you, to wake you up and slap you in the face.

Life. Is made to be lived. You are suppose to be happy, full of joy, full of smiles, working in a job that is your passion… a life without happiness is not a life, its a chore, a sadness creeping in waiting to steal you into the darkness.

Life. Is driven by you and your navigator is God. Don’t forget that.

My sweetest boy.

Jack has always had a huge heart, and you know deep down he LOVES his baby sisters. He doesn’t know life without them… I believe they are his whole world.

Jack has started to give his sisters hugs and kisses at night, its ridiculously cute. He kisses and hugs them in the sweetest fashion. Says I love you, goodnight. Just like mommy and daddy do every night.

It warms my heart.