What an exciting day. Our appt was at 8:40 so we drove to saginaw, very nervous but excited. Of course we were very scared because of the last ultrasound.

Dr. Spence did the u/s and said “Are you sure your dates are correct?” This made me very nervous cause she said this last time. She saw a sac and a yolk, and said I measured a bit small, but my cycle is longer than usual so maybe that is it.

She wanted me to come back in 10 days for another u/s… Jan 27th.

Jan 7th

I need to catch up….

So on January 7th, I was 3 days late. I decided to wake up and go to Meijer to get a test. I rushed home, let the dogs out and did the test. Before I knew it there were 2 lines, meaning positive! I was over joyed. I instantly called Jeremy to tell him the news and of course he was really excited.

I called the doc and she sent me for blood work wednesday and also on Friday. Friday they called me and said my numbers were 1340 and wanted to schedule a u/s on 1/14!

How exciting.

it’s official

Well its official, I have pre-diabetes. It’s better than diabetes but still not that great. My liver and kidneys and thyroid all checked out a ok. So that is good. They are going to put me on glycofauge which I’ll take daily until I get pregnant and than up to 12 weeks and they switch my meds.

The dietitan has been wonderful, very helpful and really cares.

So I guess we’ll see how all this goes.