Trying to get back to normalcy.

We never know the pain of the people around us. I lived this in my first meeting post-fire… it had been less than 10 days but I knew I needed to jump in and start surrounding myself with normalcy. The problem is nothing is normal.

I decided to go to a Population Health meeting knowing that it was important and things were changing in the group. I stepped in just as the meeting was starting so I didn’t have to have any conversation prior. I looked around the table, it was a full house, which was exciting because we were trying to grow the team. The main thing that I thought about during the meeting was that no one knew at that table other than a handful of what I had emotionally experienced this past week. How many others sat at that table were grieving or had pain, or addiction, or were experiencing something that affected their every thought? Are they being supported? It made me sad, but I managed to hold back the tears. The truth is EVERYONE has battles and life-defining moments. We don’t realize how a simple smile or text that you are checking in can help. Sometimes people don’t know what to say… the truth is it’s alright to not know what to say. All you have to say is… I’m here for you. For whatever you need, and whenever you need it, I’m here.

I know this is going to be a challenge every day for a long time, nothing feels right. I focus on the little things, what I can manage, knowing that at some point it will get easier.

Thankfully I have great clients who become like a second family, they know my children, they know where I travel, and they know I truly LOVE what I do. My clients gave me time, to pick up the pieces and not have to worry about business. Knowing this I could focus on my family, our home, and finding a new normal.


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Let's get real... I am 35 now and I have 3 kids, run a damn good business, love being busy and love being me. I build myself up and other around me because thats what people should do. I rely on my heart and I do what God tells me do. I should listen to him more, and so should you. I'm a designer, not a writer. I blog about my interests, my family, happenings around me... I tell it like it is. Sorry if I am offensive but I think you should be real.